The CRAP (To Read) List #2

Back at the beginning of August, I posted this picture of my to-read list on the new CRAP notepad I had picked up on a trip to Portland.


I can honestly say that I completed this list, with the exception of Boys Like You because I had to return it to the library before I could read it. (I’m hoping I can pick it back up sometime soon, but for now it goes back on my TBR sometime list.) I also added four more books to this list before I was done with it.

I have to admit, having the CRAP (To-Read) list forced me to stick to a plan. I did deviate at times to buddy read with my favorite group on Goodreads, but I mostly stuck to the list. It worked so well for me that I’ve created a second list.


You’ll notice this time my CRAP (To-Read) list is much longer. A couple of the books are library books, some are from NetGalley, some from author review requests and others are simply books I downloaded on my Kindle.

Right now, I’m reading book #1. It’s Restless Waters by Jessica Park. It’s the sequel to Left Drowning. Jessica Park surprised the reading world Thursday when she released it without any prior promotion. Very cool!

So, what’s on your CRAP (To-Read) list right now? Is it a long list or do you have it under control?

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    1. Lol. That’s probably half of my list in reality. Bookbub has been killing me lately with amazing deals on books I want to read! It’s my Kindle’s fault! If all these books were actually sitting on my shelf instead of on my Kindle, I would even more overwhelmed!

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