Dare to Rock

Dare to Rock (Dare to Love #7) by Carly Phillips

Publication Date: August 4, 2015


With a popular fashion and makeup video blog, no one would know that Avery Dare hates the spotlight. Avery doesn’t need fame or fortune. She’s content to live a quiet life.

Grey Kingston has achieved everything he hoped he would when he left Miami all those years ago. Along with his band, Tangled Royal, Kingston has found fame and fortune. He has everything he ever wanted — except Avery Dare. No matter how many women he has slept with, he can’t get Avery Dare out of his mind. Now that he’s ready to leave the spotlight behind, Grey is hoping they can rekindle their flame.

When Avery receives an invitation to visit Grey at one of his concerts, she’s not sure she should go. Avery still holds a special place in her heart for Grey, and she’s not sure if she’s ready to rip open that wound.

Grey knew getting Avery to believe he was ready to live a normal life would be hard, he just didn’t expect it to be this hard. He knows he hurt her, but he didn’t expect a deranged fan to stalk her. Now, it’s going to take even more to convince her that they’re meant to be.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

If you’re looking for a fun, steamy romance with a hint of rock and roll, Dare to Rock is for you. I really enjoyed Avery and Grey’s second chance at love story. They had great chemistry together and their relationship was hot, hot, hot!  My favorite part of the story was getting to know more about Avery. Having read all of the previous books in the series, it was cool to finally get her perspective on her father and the rest of the Dare clan.

Like I mentioned before, Dare to Rock is part of a series. It’s best to have read the previous novels in the series before reading Dare to Rock. The Dare family is large and close. Characters and storylines from previous books are mentioned in each book. Just to warn potential readers: Dare to Rock is a contemporary romance, but some novels in the series are erotic romances.

** I received an electronic copy of Dare to Rock from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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