ARC Review: Take Me Home Tonight by Erika Kelly

25894552Title: Take Me Home Tonight

Series: Rock Star Romance, #3

Author: Erika Kelly

Publication Date: April 5, 2016

Publisher: Berkley

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Goodreads Synopsis:

A rocker gets a taste of unexpected passion in the latest red-hot Rock Star Romance from the award-winning author of I Want You to Want Me.

Calix Bourbon might seem like a free spirit, but that’s all a front. In reality he’s just trying to keep his fractured family together while working as a session musician. When Blue Fire hires him to replace their keyboardist, Calix is determined to make the most of the opportunity—but he can’t help being distracted by the band’s sexy personal chef.

Mimi’s temporary gig is great, but she has her heart set on auditioning for a televised cooking show. There’s just one problem: she only has a week to acquire the skills necessary to survive the competition. Luckily, the band’s new keyboard player can teach her exactly what she needs, in the kitchen and in the bedroom…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Wow! I didn’t think Erika Kelly’s Rock Star Romance series could get any better, but it did! Not only was Take Me Home Tonight as adorable and fun to read as the previous two books, it also delved into deeper issues.

In Take Me Home Tonight, Blue Fire’s personal chef Mimi is struggling with hurt feelings. Her father doesn’t think she has what it takes to work for him. She’s done everything she can think of to prove herself to him, but nothing works. Mimi’s hoping winning a TV cooking contest will help win her way into her father’s business  — and his heart.

The problem is, Mimi isn’t a professionally trained chef. She can make her family’s Italian recipes perfectly, but that’s about it. She’s going to need to be able to do more to win the competition. Luckily, Mimi’s got Calix to help her.

Calix may be a talented musician, but he’s also a talented cook. The kitchen was his science lab growing up and he knows all the tricks of the trade. Calix hopes teaching Mimi in his childhood kitchen will help more than just her.

Calix’s mom has been avoiding his family ever since a tragedy stuck a couple of years ago. His entire family has been walking on eggshells around her. They have all put their own lives on hold hoping she’ll return to her old self. Calix thinks teaching Mimi in his childhood kitchen will help engage his mom.

As Calix begins to teach Mimi, their attraction to each other become stronger and stronger. Both try to fight it. Mimi doesn’t want to fall for a guy who’s not willing to give her every piece of himself and Calix knows he has nothing left to give. But try as they might, they can’t help but give into to their feelings for each other. And just when Mimi thinks she might have all of Calix, another tragedy strikes his family.

I loved this story so much. I don’t want to say it was fun to watch Mimi realize her relationship with Calix was mirroring her relationship with her father. It was, though. I liked how she realized it, and then stood up for what she really wanted in a relationship. I also liked how Calix learned to deal with the past and accept it for what it was. Seeing him realize what Mimi meant to him and his family was very cool.

Plus, Mimi and Calix were super hot together! I loved their little game about figuring out each other’s fantasies. That was super sexy!

If you’re looking for a great contemporary rock star romance, you should pick up Take Me Home Tonight or any of Erika Kelly’s other books in her Rock Star Romance series. They’re all super sexy and fun.

**I received an electronic ARC of Take Me Home Tonight in exchange for an honest review.

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