Inside Out Book Tag, #3

I was tagged by Beth @ Reading Every Night for the Inside Out Book Tag. (Thanks, Beth!) I’ve done this tag before, but it’s been a while so I thought I would go ahead and do it again. 🙂 I still haven’t seen this movie — although my daughter has, so she told me all about it.

A Book that Brings you Joy


Kelly Siskind is one of my new favorite authors. Her writing style is fun and witty. I love her characters and banter. My Perfect Mistake was so much fun to read. It brought me so much joy.

A Book that Brings you Sadness


Bright Side definitely brought me sadness. I’ve said it before, but this book made me cry more than any other book. And that includes Me Before You, so you know that’s saying something.

A Book that Brings you Fear

This might seem like an odd choice for a book that brings me fear, but it does. The whole mosquito pandemic is believable and frightening. Heck, look at the Zika virus.

A Book that Brings you Anger

I’m pretty sure So Much More has cemented its place in any post dealing with anger. You know what I mean, if you read this book. Miranda’s character made me feel anger like I’ve never felt before while reading. Props to Kim Holden for character development and the ability to make me feel. She did it with Bright Side, Gus and now with So Much More.

A Book that Brings you Disgust

I can’t tell you why Say Something disgusted me without giving away a major spoiler, but I can honestly say I won’t be reading the second book in the series because of it. Just ewww.

I tag:

I’ve done this one a couple of times, so I am going to leave the tagging open to anyone who hasn’t gotten the chance to do this tag yet. Go for it! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag, #3”

  1. I’m pretty sure the mosquito virus that inspired The Here and Now is dengue, and it’s actually very prevalent in South Asia. In 2012 and 2013, the virus was EVERYWHERE in Pakistan and people were losing their lives left and right. We used to have at least four mosquito-catching things in our houses. Who knew something as small as a mosquito could do so much harm. D:

    Great post! And sorry for the morbid comment, ha. 😀
    Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

    1. Hey, no problem! That’s interesting to know. I hate those things. I am always the one to get bit a bunch and mine always swell up. Ick.

  2. Ohh, sorry to tag you again but I’m really glad you decided to post this anyway! 🙂
    I haven’t read any of the books you picked but I’ve definitely seen you post about Bright Side before so I may have to check that out, and The Here and Now sounds quite interesting as well. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy Say Something, although now I’m really curiious what it was about this book that digusted you!
    Great answers for this tag! 😀

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