2017 New Adult Reading Challenge

Hi, friends!

2017 is going to be so awesome when it comes to reading! I am so excited to have signed up for a new reading challenge. This year, I’m going to participate in the…

Cool, right?

The 2017 New Adult Reading Challenge was created by fellow book blogger Cátia @ The Girl Who Reads Too Much. This is the perfect challenge for me because I love NA books and want to read as many of them as possible. My goal will be to hit the New Adult Queen book goal. I think I can do it!

Another exciting part of this challenge is a Reading Bingo. I’m going to do my best to go for blackout and cross all of these boxes off. 🙂

Here are some of my ideas to complete the bingo card:

1. Book set in college –
2. Hyped Book –
3. Debut Novel –
4. 2017 Release –
5. New Adult best seller –
6. Book about friendship –
7. Book with music or art –
8. Book out of your comfort zone –
9. Book based on its cover –
10. Diverse novel –
11. A LGBT novel or with a LGBT characters –
12. New to you author –
13. Book you can finish in one day –
14. Start a series –  The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
15. Book that makes you laugh –
16. Book set in the summer –
17. Book you knew nothing about –
18. A re-read –
19. Book about a road trip – The Mother Road by Meghan Quinn
20. Book recommendation –
21. One word title –
22. Book about sports – Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
23. Book on the bottom of your TBR –
24. Book with only male POV –

I’m going to leave the rest to surprise you, but I’ll also take recommendations!

9 thoughts on “2017 New Adult Reading Challenge”

  1. I’m doing this challenge as well!! So many great NA books out there, I can’t wait to fill them in!!

    I’m not sure if you enjoy nerdy/silly humour at all, but for a diverse book there is The Real Thing by Cassie Mae. She’s my favourite author, but her humour isn’t for everyone, and I don’t have a feel of if it would be your thing or not. But the hero is Samoan, and he suffers from anxiety, so it fits two categories in diversity. It’s not just a funny book either, it’s very serious and has a lot of heart.

    And there’s always Cambria Hebert’s GearShark series (books 1 and 2, or book 4 which is almost out) for LGBT. I would suggest Sarina Bowen’s The Understatement of the Year, but even though you don’t have it listed on your reviews I’m guessing you’ve already read it. 😛

    1. I’m going to have to keep these in mind! Yes, I’ve read ALL of Sarina Bowen’s books. If you’re doing this but haven’t read her collaboration with Elle Kennedy called Him, I would highly recommend it for your LGBT spot. It’s AMAZING. Even better than The Understatement of the Year.

      1. Oh I adore Him and Us!! Wes and Jamie are amazeballs!! I saw them on your review list, so that’s the only reason I didn’t recommend it right away! 🙂

  2. You know, when Cátia was creating the categories, I told her “u have to have one with like 100 books… For Deanna! Because she will have no problem with the number”. When, glad to see you are doing it too ?

    1. Haha! Now I have to hit 100! The pressure! 😉 It’s awesome that she came up with this challenge, though. I wish I was that creative.

    2. I can confirm that was the reason why I created that category so it’s awesome that you joined the challenge :D. I hope you have a lot of fun

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