Review: Irresistible in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully

Irresistible in Love
Series: The Maverick Billionaires, #4
Authors: Bella Andre, Jennifer Skully
Publication Date: March 8, 2017
Publisher: Oak Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Note: I received an ARC from the authors in exchange for an unbiased review.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½


Evan Collins is the man with the Midas touch. Having left his hard childhood behind him, the tech genius vowed to one day have everything. But when he discovers that his marriage is built on lies, the only people he can trust now are the Mavericks–and the woman who has always been there for him: Paige, the sister of his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Paige Ryan has always loved Evan Collins, a secret she’s hugged close to her heart for nine long years. But when her sister’s devastating betrayal is revealed, Paige can’t keep her feelings hidden any longer.

Paige is a beacon of light for Evan. Despite believing he needs to keep the walls around his heart stronger than ever, he’s irresistibly drawn to her sweet, pure heart–and the undeniable sparks flaring between them. She’s the only one he trusts to help him face the darkness of his past head-on before it destroys him. But will their forbidden romance end up destroying them both?

IRRESISTIBLE IN LOVE is an exciting and emotional contemporary romance from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully! The Maverick Billionaires are sexy, self-made men from the wrong side of town who survived hell together and now have everything they ever wanted. But when each Maverick falls head-over-heels for an incredible woman he never saw coming, he will soon find that true love is the only thing he ever really needed…

Irresistible in Love is hands down my favorite book in The Maverick Billionaires series yet! I’ve been waiting since the series began for Evan’s story, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The Mavericks haven’t understood why their brother Evan has stayed with his witch of a wife Whitney for years. He’s stood by her in sickness and in health, but she’s never made an effort to be part of their family. So when Evan suddenly tells everyone he’s get a divorce, they’re happy but shocked. No one is as shocked as Whitney’s sister and Evan’s friend, Paige.

Paige has harbored a crush on Evan for years. Now that Evan’s finally going to be single, Paige knows this is her chance at love with Evan. Evan isn’t so sure, though. Paige is his friend and sister-in-law. There has to be something wrong with the attraction he feels towards Paige.

Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully have this billionaire love story thing down. I would never be able to tell their novels are collaborations without both of their names being on the cover. Their writing together is seamless. Third person dual points of view isn’t always my favorite to read, but theirs is always so well done that I always enjoy the story and perspectives.

Getting the story behind Evan’s marriage to Whitney and friendship with Paige was so fulfilling. I finally learned all of the secrets I’ve been impatient to know since the beginning of the series. I also loved learning about Evan’s past. Evan was such a great guy. He may have been rich, but his past kept him grounded in reality. Paige and her insecurities were very easy to relate to. She was a normal woman trying to compete with a bombshell sister. I liked that Paige didn’t want to waste any more time and went for what she wanted. Evan and Paige were definitely made for each other. There was such a sweetness to their relationship.

The forbidden aspect of this story isn’t one of my favorite relationship tropes. I’m not a big fan of guys or girls falling for their ex’s sister or brother. There’s kind of an “ew” factor for me. I can’t imagine hooking up with someone my sister has. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. That being said, it didn’t bother me too much in this story. I think it’s because I completely detested Whitney and loved Paige for three books prior to this one. I could see this relationship coming, so I was prepared for it. Plus, I loved that Whitney finally got what she deserved.

Fans of The Maverick Billionaires series are going to love Irresistible in Love. They’re going to be so satisfied with Evan and Paige’s story. I was, and now I’m looking forward to the next book. I want Daniel’s story!

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  1. I can definitely see what you mean about the “ew” factor with certain relationships – I feel that way about those kinds of relationship tropes, too. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel right, lol. I am glad that you were able to get past that and enjoy this story though. It definitely sounds like a good one!

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