Review: Lake Redstone (J.D. Hollyfield)

Lake Redstone
Author: J.D. Hollyfield
Publication Date: July 22, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½


Casey doesn’t have much luck in the dating department, so when her girlfriends ditch their girls only weekend for a couple’s retreat, she’s forced to take desperate measures.

Refusing to be the only single one, she does what any quick-thinking girl would do:

She lies.

It was almost too easy hiring a stranger to pretend to be her hot, rich, successful boyfriend. What she didn’t plan on was him being hot, successful, and way too much trouble for her liking.

Jim was in a slump in his everyday life. He was bored and needed something to spice up his life. Accepting a gig to play the perfect boy toy was not what he had in mind, but it was too good to turn down.

What he didn’t plan for was the smokin’ little spitfire who hired him. It’s a con, a job, a fraud. But the more she’s in his presence, the more he realizes she may be more than just a ruse.

Three days at a lake house.

Two strangers who cause a lot of mayhem.

One little lie.

Lake Redstone is one of my favorite books of the summer. It’s a fake relationship romantic comedy that could easily be a movie — I seriously spent time thinking about which actor would play what character before I went to bed last night.

In Lake Redstone, single Casey’s much-needed girls trip to some place like Mexico turns into a couples trip to the lake. To avoid feeling like a reject, Casey puts up an ad for a fake boyfriend for the weekend. She has no idea she’s about to meet the guy of her dreams. Jim thought Why not? when he saw Casey’s ad. The worst thing that could happen would be that he could end up in a body bag. He’s pleasantly surprised by Casey, but also wonders just how crazy this beautiful woman is that she has to hire a boyfriend for the weekend.

J.D. Hollyfield’s writing sparkled in Lake Redstone. Her brand of humor is what set this book apart from other fake romance contemporaries. It was funny and sometimes bordered on ridiculous, but in the best way. I loved that she gave me both Casey and Jim’s point of views because knowing what both of them were thinking made the romance even stronger.

Casey the perfect hot mess. She had nothing but everything going for her all at once. Casey was the wild child of her group who enjoyed her life, but also felt like a failure when all her friends were thriving. I loved how her imperfections were what drew Jim to her.

Jim was a great surprise — to both Casey and myself. He fit in with her and her friends so easily. There wasn’t an awkwardness or anything of just having met these people. He also had a lot in common with Casey, and I loved how their relationship didn’t feel like instant love because of how well they could understand each other.

Back to those friends… I want to be in their friend group! They were so much fun! They were all so different and each had their own piece of crazy going on, but they were tight and really cared about each other. I especially loved Jim and Mick’s bromance. Gosh, it couldn’t get much better than that. Seriously, make this movie so I can see this bromance!

I just really loved this book so much! I want everyone who likes a good fake relationship romance to read it. The only thing I hesitated over while reading this book was that the end wrapped up a little too conveniently, but I still didn’t hate that. It was actually really cute.

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    1. Thanks! I would save this one for when you have KU again. I can’t decide if you would like it or not. The heroine might be too much for you.

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