Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Books I Would Like to Read

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Holiday Books I Would Like to Read

I feel like I’ve listed holiday books I’ve liked in the past. Maybe last year or something. This time I am going to list holiday books I would like to read.

1. Christmas in Silver Springs
Author: Brenda Novak

2. A Very Merry Princess
Author: Susan Mallery

3. The Christmas Wedding Ring
Authors: Susan Mallery

4. Let It Snow
Authors: Green, Johnson, Myracle

5. Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor
Author: Lisa Kleypas

6. Chasing Christmas Eve
Author: Jill Shalvis

7. Holiday Wishes
Author: Jill Shalvis

8. Holiday Ever After Anthology
Authors: Andrews, Canterbury, Crock, Kelly, Kincaid, Luis, Madison, Nicholas, Score, Valente, Winters

9. A Kiss in the Snow
Author: Susan Mallery

10. This Christmas
Author: Nora Roberts

75 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Holiday Books I Would Like to Read”

    1. I would like to watch it, too. I don’t have Netflix, though. 🙁 I think I’ll talk my sister into watching it with me at her house.

  1. This sound the type of book my mother in law loves to read all year round (she loves Christmas that much!) thank you for some recommendations to top up her presents!

    1. Thanks for letting me know. It looks fine when I look at it, but I’ll check it out on another browser. I’ve been having some Jetpack issues, so maybe that’s it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. AWW! A Very Merry Princess sounds cute. Gotta’ love a good royal romance. Hope you enjoy, Let it Snow; it’s been a while, but I do remember liking Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor. 🙂

  3. I can say with confidence that this is a great list because I’ve read 3 of the 10 listed and they were wonderful stories. (Both Jill Shalvis books and your Brenda Novak picks.) I hope you have time to read some of them this month.

  4. Susan Mallery is one author that I keep saying that I would like to try, but still haven’t. Maybe I will have to try one of her holiday books as well. I hope that you enjoy Let it Snow! I recently listened to the audiobook and really enjoyed it.

    1. Yes, give Susan Mallery a try. It would be fine to start with a holiday novel. It doesn’t even matter if it’s mid series or anything.

  5. LET IT SNOW is on my list, too. I liked one of the three stories better than the other two, how about you?

  6. For some reason I do love a good holiday- themed story this time of year! I just saw the other day that Let It Snow has a Netflix adaptation.

    1. Was it good? I don’t have Netflix, but I am considering going to my sister’s to watch it!

      1. We only saw part of it. We were watching it on Thanksgiving and there was a moment that kinda made my mom uncomfortable, so we switched to something else. You never know with movies and family haha! I thought it was decent though, what I saw of it!

  7. This was a nice spin on this week’s topic. These look great! I even added a couple to my TBR.
    Thanks for sharing! ♥

  8. I feel like I’ve read a few Susan Mallery Christmas books before and they weren’t any of the ones you mentioned, so I will need to check those out! I haven’t read any holiday books this year yet.

  9. The only one on your list I’ve heard of (and actually read) was Let It Snow, I’m really intrigued by the movie I will have to get to it at some point this winter

  10. I’m curious what you will think of Let it Snow. I’ve heard some mixed things on that one. And I should remember that if I want a holiday romance I can always just pick up Nora Roberts haha.

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