Series Review: Washington Wolves (Karla Sorenson)

A couple of weeks ago I received an author’s newsletter with a free book download. That book was Karla Sorensen’s The Marriage Effect. I love a good fake relationship and the blurb sounded super cute. I read it, and from there I was hooked. I had to read the entire series. Here’s my mini reviews for each book.

The Marraige Effect (book 3) – ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I’m starting a little backwards, but since book 3 was my first by this author and of this series it’s where I feel I should start. I absolutely adored this book. Not only did it have a fake marriage of convenience, but it had a gruff and grumpy hero with a heart of gold. Logan Wade was a stand up guy who kept his professional football playing self out of the media. He had custody of his four younger sisters and that was the most important thing to him. I loved how falling for his fake wife, Paige, changed his and his sister’s lives. It was such a quick, sweet read that I knew I had to go back to where the series started.

The Bombshell Effect (book 1) – ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

Since I had already read book 3, I kind of knew how this book was going to end up. What I didn’t know was how much fun it was going to be to experience Luke and Allie fall in love. Things started off on the wrong foot for them, but that made the story all that more entertaining. I loved their romance, how fierce of a dad Luke was, and how Allie stood up for herself. The Bombshell Effect was a strong start to the series — I almost wish I had read it before The Marriage Effect.

The Ex Effect (book 2) – ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

It can be tricky to pull off a book about someone falling in love with their sister’s ex-fiancé, but Karla Sorensen wrote this trope beautifully. The taboo of the situation wasn’t entirely left out, but the time between the relationships and the actual relationship between Ava and Matthew made it more than okay in my book. I loved them and I loved their love story. I was sad to be finished with this series (since I started with book 3).

But wait…

I wasn’t exactly finished with the world of the Washington Wolves. There’s a spin-off series!!! And it’s about Logan Wade’s sisters! There’s only one book out so far, but of course I had to finish my binge with it. Here’s a review for Focused.

Focused ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In The Marriage Effect (Washington Wolves, #3), we met Logan Wade’s younger sister Molly. Molly may have been 16 in that book, but she’s all grown up now and working for the Washington Wolves organization. Her job has just reunited Molly with someone from her past, Noah. Neither of them are excited to work with each other, but the work time they have to spend together leads to something more. I have to admit I really loved this book and the romance at heart. Both of these characters had grown from their previous interactions in Logan and Paige’s book, and I enjoyed seeing how that shaped them and their new romance.

If you can’t already tell from these four mini reviews, I absolutely loved spending time with these characters. I cannot wait for books for Logan’s other sisters so I can keep revisiting this world.

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  1. I love finding unexpected gems that are totally surprising and come out of nowhere! And when you mention a grumpy hero with a heart of gold… there’s my soft spot. 🙂 I love the sound of Logan.

    1. Sometimes you just have to read out of order. 😉 I think you would probably like this one. It’s on the lighter side.

    1. Also, you could give Meagan Brandy’s Fake It Til You Break It a try. Sort of on the Tijan side of things.

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