Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow On Social Media

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is:

Characters I’d Follow On Social Media

Here are some of the characters I would follow on social media if they were real life people and why.

1. Frank Sanger
This Adventure Ends

Frank Sanger isn’t just the life of the party, he IS the party.

2. Kate
Bright Side

I feel like Kate would be all about creating positivity in the world.

3. Gus

Well, for one, Gus is a famous musician. He would also bring the world positivity like Kate.

4. Connor Cobalt
Fuel the Fire

I just imagine a lot of sarcasm and interesting facts.

5. Logan Kade
Fallen Crest High

Logan would bring the funny and make me laugh.

6. Farrow Keene
Lovers Like Us

I almost put Maximoff on this list instead, but I think Farrow’s social media would be more interesting. Plus, it would probably include a lot of Maximoff.

7. Daisy Jones & The Six
Daisy Jones & The Six

I would follow each band member separately and as a group. I would want to keep an eye to find out if they were coming to  my town.

8. Blake Riley
Good Boy

I can only imagine what a hockey player with a sense of humor would impart as wisdom to the world.

9. Cletus Winston
Beard Science

Cletus is crazy and smart in a peculiar way. I truly wonder what he would post. I can only imagine it would be entertaining.

10. Banner Regent
Real Good Man

I just like Banner’s personality. I imagine she would be fun to follow for a bunch of different reasons.

53 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Follow On Social Media”

  1. Daisy Jones for sure! I’d want to check out all the related fan sites too, get first looks at all upcoming tours, read all the lyrics… Great choice!

  2. I was seriously tempted to include Daisy Jones on my list this week too but figured she wouldn’t be the most reliable on social. Maybe I should’ve picked one of the Six. I bet Karen would be fab.

    1. That’s what would be fun about her, though! I would follow the whole group. Karen would be awesome!

    1. I saw her on a few today, but not a ton. I think she is a slam dunk. I hope you enjoy the ones you have on your TBR.

  3. Omg I think Cletus would have amazing social media feeds 😂I think his posts would be incredibly entertaining! Daisy Jones would also be really interesting to follow, although I think I’d like to follow Karen as well from the book. Her character was so interesting and I loved her personality! Great list 😀

    1. Right? He would be hilarious! I would like Karen, too. Heck, all the DJ & the 6 characters would be great. Thanks!

    1. If you’re interested, you HAVE to start with Bright Side. It’s the first book and is still my all time favorite. I highly recommend it. Then Gus.

    1. Thank you! Connor is such a great character. Actually, all of theirs are. The depth they give them is fantastic!

    1. Of course you did. 😉 LOL. You should sign up for Tijan’s newsletter. Sometimes she does fun things where she “interviews” the characters. I think her site has a bunch of free little things with the characters, too.

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