Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About

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Books I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About

1. Miss Fix-It
Author: Emma Hart

Emma Hart is one of those authors constantly releasing new books. She’s released so many fun new ones that sometimes I forget my favorite of hers is still the first book I read of hers: Miss Fix-It.

2. My Soul to Keep
Author: Kennedy Ryan

I loved the Grip series so much that sometimes I forget to mention how great I thought this book and the entire series was.

3. Broken
Author: Lauren Layne

I love LL’s contemporary romances, but I always forgot to show off her NA romances that were what originally drew me to her writing.

4. Broken & Screwed
Author: Tijan

I’m not quiet about how addicted I was to the Fallen Crest High series. What I don’t ever really talk about is how Broken & Screwed was the first book/series that got me into Tijan’s brand of angst and drama.

5. Dear Aaron
Author: Mariana Zapata

I love and cheer for so many of Mariana Zapata’s books, but I don’t feel like I give this one enough love. It was actually the book that made me a fan.

6. When It’s Real
Author: Erin Watt

When It’s Real is another book that I loved, but don’t spotlight enough. It’s been overshadowed a bit by the huge success that Paper Princess and the Royals series was. This book was different and almost more special.

7. The Way I Used To Be
Author: Amber Smith

This one was popular when it came out and I know I talked a lot about it then, but I should have kept talking about it. It’s one of those books that should eventually become a YA classic.

8. Flat Out Love
Author: Jessica Park

I really enjoyed the entire Flat-Out Love series, but my love for Left Drowning overshadowed this series. I talk about that book all the time. I need to talk more about this one, too.

9. More Than This
Author: Jay McLean

Jay McLean is an author I just need to talk more about in general. I love all of her books.

10. Girl at Heart
Author: Kelly Oram

This is one I just need to talk more about because it’s so stinking cute and everyone who loves a good YA romance should read it.

49 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Enjoyed but Rarely Talk About”

  1. Flat Out Love – YES! I loved that book so much, and I enjoyed the sequel too. I was introduced to McLean via the More Than books, and she is my goto for angsty books. Have you read Ryan’s Bennetts books? Those were my gateway. From there I went to Soul, Grip, and Hoops

    1. I’ve read all of Ryan’s books. I actually didn’t like the first Bennett book, I think. I’m not big on love triangles.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad I had some you liked on there. You still need to read that Tijan duet!

  2. I definitely want to read Ryan’s Soul series. I’m slowly working my way through her backlist. I wish The Way I Used to Be got more attention. That was a powerful read.

    1. It’s a great read. Very emotional, but well written. I hope you get to read it soon.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Broken & Screwed was my first Tijan book and it started me love for her writing. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it!

  3. Dear Aaron was definitely a goodie although personally not a favourite Zapata! I’ve been seeing it mentioned so frequently lately though and it’s making me feel like re-reading it! I need to read more Emma Hart and I just read the synopsis of Miss Fix-It (even though that cover isn’t my fave lol) and it sounds so good! Great list 🙂

    1. I think most of Zapata’s books are favorites for me. There’s only a couple that I wouldn’t place in that category. I hope you pick up Miss Fix-It! It’s so fun!
      Thank you!

    1. Yes! I love Tijan. You should give this series a try! It reminds me a bit of her FCH series.

  4. Congratulations on your site move. There are some great books on your list (it’s nice to find a fellow romance blogger, so many seem to be YA or NA readers).

  5. I haven’t heard of any of these, but Broken and Screwed sounds great! I’ll have to check it out!

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