Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Reading Romance

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Reasons Why I Love Reading Romance

1. Romances are usually fast-paced to read, even when it’s a slow burn romance.

2. Romances can be funny, sappy, sweet, sad at times, angst-filled, and on and on. There’s no limit to what the genre can make you feel.

3. There are so many different romance tropes that can be written so many different ways. It rarely feels like you reading a book you have already read.

4. I can choose how sexy of a romance I want to read. There’s everything from Young Adult romances to erotic romances.

5. There are so many great series in romance. I can fall in love with a couple and then get to read about their friends or family falling in love in the next book.

6. Romances feel more realistic to me than some other genres, and yet feel more like an escape.

7. I love reading about people falling in love.

8. Reading a romance novel is like watching a 90’s romantic comedy or the Hallmark Channel at Christmas time.

9. I love a guaranteed happy ending.

10. I am impressed with how so many romance authors give back to the community, and so I like supporting them by reading their books.

79 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Reading Romance”

    1. I knew you would like that one. πŸ˜‰ It made me think of that Cindi Madsen series.

  1. I love that you mentioned #10. I know of so many of my favorite authors that are so generous with their money and time.

  2. Love this post!!! There are so many reasons for loving romance – and I love them all β™₯︎

    1. LOL. Have you read Mariana Zapata’s then? She is like the queen of slow burn!

  3. I’m not big on romance books (at least I prefer it as a side plot, not the main one), but I get while people love them. I love your #2 reason. I totally agree that romance novels run the gamut from light and sweet to dark and deep. It’s great that there’s so much variety in your favorite genre. Gives you lots to choose from!

    Happy TTT!


  4. Yes, I enjoy romance for all of those reasons. I choose clean romance when I can, but do read some with some sexy scenes. I am always amazed at how generous and charitable romance authors are.

    1. So, I have a recommendation for you! She doesn’t normally write “clean” (Not a favorite term of mine.) romances, but Alessandra Torre just released The F List and it was really cute!

      1. Okay, good to know, I will see if I can get a hold of a copy. Clean is a funny word but I don’t want to say prudish. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Yes! The HEA is the number one reason I read romance. It’s my comfort, knowing the couple will fall in love and live happily ever after. I also love all the companion series in romance. Like you said, I made all these friends, and I want to be able to check in on them, see how they are doing. Companions let me do that, while getting a wholly new romance.

  6. I like Top Ten Tuesday posts because I can learn about other genres. I don’t read much in the romance genre, but I have started reading Heyer’s Regency Romances. I like happy endings too.

  7. I don’t read a lot of strictly romances but I think most of the books do have romance in them, to one extent or another, and I enjoy reading about people falling in love or building their relationships. I think it’s a universal human thing and our books would be poorer without it. πŸ™‚

  8. Yes, yes, and yes…all the things you say. I’m trying to pick one of your points to highlight as a favorite, but they’re all so true. Great post.

    1. That’s awesome! Have you ever read Mariana Zapata? I love her slow burn romances.

  9. Romance is definitely one of my least sought for genres, but I do love your reasons for loving it! I rather like the Hallmark Christmas movies, and I’ve watched plenty of romance (usually romance comedy) anime, but reading it on the page just doesn’t work with me much. When I see it in books (usually YA), it often falls short or I don’t feel the attraction/love between the characters. From what I have read/enjoyed though (mainly Kiera Cass’s books), I have noticed they tend to read more fast-paced, which is great for a quick or feel-good read. And the guaranteed happy endings help. Also, I don’t pay much attention to how authors interact with the community,but I’m glad to hear that many romance authors give back! That always makes it much easier to want to support authors!

    1. Hmm… Maybe you should try a romance in audiobook form? I wonder if that would work for you since you like them on TV?

      1. I don’t ever listen to audiobooks, so I hadn’t thought about that. I’ll have to try that and see how it goes! Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Great list! I don’t read that many purely romance stories (most books I read do have a romance plotline, but it’s not the main focus). But when I’m feeling down or in a reading slump, a good romance novel always helps me out πŸ˜€

  11. I love a good Hallmark movie and romance novels are right up there with them. I totally agree with you. They seem more realistic than many other genres, for sure. πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks for visiting my TTT earlier. You have become a faithful visitor.

    I hardly ever read those kind of books but I totally understand the reasons why you love them. May we find many ,many more books that we like.

  13. I’ve never been just a straight up romance book reader. But, I do enjoy reading love stories in books of other genres. It’s kind of weird – I’m in love now, so I like reading romantic stuff; when I’m not doing well on the relationship front, I don’t want anything to do with romance! Anyway, happy reading!

  14. I AGREE 100%!!!! Romance is one of the best genres in literature because it gives so much to the reader and it has so many options to choose from. And there is something for everyone.

  15. I love that you mention how “there’s no limit to what the genre can make you feel.” There are many different types of romances out there!

  16. This is such a wonderful list!!! Whenever I’m in a reading slump, I reach for a contemporary romance and it usually pulls me right out. They’re so easy to read and so entertaining. Reading about people falling in love is so soft and always puts me in a good mood! πŸ˜€
    I’m with you on the happy ending front!! Too many books leave us heartbroken, it’s so nice to read something where in the end, the characters are safe and happy!
    Happy Reading!! <3

  17. You really nailed it with your reasons. I might not be able to watch the Hallmark channel here in Germany but I have the Disney movie channel and around christmastime I can watch some Hallmark movies there too. Happy reading and stay safe and well.

  18. I love a happy ending! I tend to like to see people falling in love while they’re fighting off evil, but alas, sometimes those love stories don’t work out. Romance can be a palate cleanser when you read too many of those end-of-the-world books, especially when the MC doesn’t end up with the love interest.

  19. I’ve really come to appreciate romance novels over the years. I’m a sucker for a happy ending and I love that even with the book focusing on the development of the primary relationship, we still get brilliant friendship and family dynamics as well.

  20. Yes to all of these! Though I’ve always read romance, I find myself gravitating to them more and more lately – they do make me feel so many things and I love happy endings πŸ™‚

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