Series Review: Game On (Kristen Callihan)

 I picked up The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan because I needed the first book in a series by an author I hadn’t read yet for the New to Me Author Summer Challenge. When I did that, I had no idea it would turn into a binge read. Thanks to the challenge, I have found a new sports romance author to love. Here are my mini reviews for each book in the series.

The Hook Up (Book 1) ★ ★ ★ ★

I really enjoyed Drew and Anna’s story. He was a cocky football player looking for more. She was a girl who didn’t see herself as the bombshell she was and didn’t want a relationship. They had great chemistry. I do have to say that at times this book felt a little long, but the pay off was well worth it.

The Friend Zone (Book 2) ★ ★ ★ ★ ½

Wow. I’m impressed. This is one of my new favorite friends to lovers books. Between the texts and the chemistry, I was sold. I loved Ivy and Gray together. This will be my favorite book in the series, I just know it.

The Game Plan (Book 3) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Did I say The Friend Zone would be my favorite? Well, The Game Plan surpassed it.  I loved Dex and Fiona just as much as I loved Ivy and Gray. Dex and Fiona surpassed them based on their chemistry and emotional connection, though. That emotional connection was something else.

The Hot Shot (Book 4) ★ ★ ★ ★

Don’t let the 4 stars fool you. I enjoyed this book almost as much as the last two. When it comes to rating it, I felt like I had to give it less because it was missing something the last two had. Not sure what it was because I loved Finn and Chess. The way they started out as friends was cute. Their relationship drama didn’t seem to be as big as the past three books, which I was thankful for, but it was there. It was a great addition to the series.


I really hope we get more books in the Game On series and soon. I loved every minute I spent binging this football romance series. I see a ton of possibilities in this football world for future stories.

23 thoughts on “Series Review: Game On (Kristen Callihan)”

  1. My favorite was The Friend Zone, but I liked all the books in this series. I thought it was odd, that we went from college to the NFL, but it still worked.

    1. Yeah, it was a little, but I have seen series do that before so I guess it didn’t bother me much.

  2. It’s been so, so long since I read The Hook Up and I really need to get on the rest of the series. I love seeing them all get 4+ stars!

  3. Love full series reviews!!! I miss all these NA college sports romances that I love to read. I need more of them!

    1. Thanks! Maybe you would like this one… I am trying to think. I got it from my library.

  4. I’m so thrilled you loved this series, Deanna! It’s one of my favorite series and I think I need a re-read. I think The Game Plan and the Friend Zone are probably two of my favorites of the series too. I hope KC writes more books for this series too. I miss it!

  5. I love that the challenge brought you to a new author you love! I just added The Hook Up to my TBR. I’ve read her before but not this series.

  6. I’ve read the first three and The Friend Zone was my favorite but I loved all three. Can’t believe I haven’t read The Hot Shot yet. I’m so happy you found a new sports romance author you love!

    1. You need to read Hot Shot! It was good! And this reminded me I need to check out more of her books.

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