Review: The Girl Next Door (Emma Hart)

The Girl Next Door
Series: The Girl Next Door, #1
Author: Emma Hart
Publication: July 21, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ½


One accidental pregnancy. One fake husband. What can go wrong?

There’s nothing like starting your Monday morning with a positive pregnancy test.
Trust me, I know. Because I’m looking at one right now.
All I can think is: Oh, hell. My grandmother is going to kill me.
This might just send her to an early grave, so there’s only one option—pretending the father is my new husband.
If only he’d agree to fake it.
Kai Connors was supposed to be nothing more than a one-night stand. A long, dirty, one-night stand fueled by one too many tequila shots, where the only promise was to never speak of it again.
But if my unfairly sexy next-door neighbor gets his way, this fake marriage could turn out to be very, very real…

Before I start this review, if you’re at all interested in this book after reading the blurb, I highly recommend The One Night Stand Next Door. It’s the free prequel novella to this book and it sets up the entire scenario. It was a fun read.

As for The Girl Next Door, it was also incredibly fun to read. I loved Ivy. She had this snarky, sarcastic sense of humor that I loved. I was constantly laughing at the stuff that came out of her mouth. Her thoughts and opinions on pregnancy were fantastic. I could relate.

I also enjoyed Kai. He was the sweetness to Ivy’s spunk. I loved how he reacted to both Ivy and the pregnancy. I don’t think the surprise pregnancy trope would have been half as fun without the personality of his character. Kai and Ivy’s love story was just so entertaining and lovable.

I do have one complaint about this book. It was shorter than I wanted it to be. It ended up at an epilogue way faster than I wanted or expected. It was almost startling. I wanted more time with Kai and Ivy. It didn’t change my feelings about the book, just disappointed me a bit.

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14 thoughts on “Review: The Girl Next Door (Emma Hart)”

  1. The cover of this one just makes me smile. Takes me back to my rollerskating days (circa early 1980’s). 🙂 The story sounds really fun but it’s too bad it was so short.

  2. I hate when the ending is rushed. But I really love the blurb, I love sarcastic humor and the story seems to have plenty of funny moments, so maybe I should pick it up. I do need to read a humorous book for a challenge…

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