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Favorite Book Quotes

I feel like I’ve done this as a TTT post at least twice now, so I’m going to change things up just a tad and go with

New Favorite Book Quotes

1. “People sometimes still drown in the shallow end,” he whispers.

-Colleen Hoover, Heart Bones

2. “There are two different kinds of wrong. The wrong that stems from weakness and the wrong that stems from strength. You made that choice because you were strong and needed to survive. You didn’t make that choice because you were weak.”

– Colleen Hoover, Heart Bones

3.“Hatred is a one-way emotion.” I take a breath. “It only affects the person holding on to that hate. Take Laney’s ex, for example…” I face him, but he’s already watching me. “Do you think he knows how much you hate him? Do you think he cares that you do?” Leo chews the corner of his lip as his eyes search mine.  “Does he even know you exist?” His lashes lower. “So, what’s the point, right?” I murmur. “Only you carry the burden of hatred, Leo. And it’s a lot easier to let go of that pain than it is to hold on to it.”

– Jay McLean, Leo

4. “I like being the main character in your story.”

– Jay McLean, Leo

5. “Still, I’m drawn to him. Annoyingly drawn. Like a bruised and wayward moth flying into a flickering light bulb.”

– Erin Hahn, You’d Be Mine

6.“It sounds lonelier than it is. But I’d rather lose myself in a sea of strangers than find myself one-on-one with an acquaintance.”

– Erin Hahn, More Than Maybe

7. “Lyrics do that sometimes. They find their home at just the right time. Like a secret message in a bottle, floating on a current for decades, only to wash up at someone’s feet when the words are needed.” 

– Erin Hahn, More Than Maybe

8. “Even the sun gets covered by clouds some days. That doesn’t take away from the light it gives off.” 

– Brittainy C. Cherry, Southern Storms

9. “We didn’t fix everything for each other–but we didn’t have to. We just made a choice to be there. Which counted for a lot.”

– Katherine Center, What You Wish For

10. “More than anything, I know that you just have to choose to make the best of things. You get one life, and it only goes forward. And there really are all kinds of happy endings.” 

– Katherine Center, How to Walk Away


35 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: New Favorite Book Quotes”

  1. These are nice! I like the one about lyrics- so true!- and #4 as well. the first one seems like it could be chilling or not, depending on the context. Fun!!

    1. Thank you! I think you’re going to love Heart Bones. Maybe it will be a book you want to finish. 😉

  2. These quotes are all so gorgeous and poetic! I need to hop back on the Top Ten train–I’ll get one set for this coming Tuesday! Thank you for visiting my blog a bit ago, and for the warm welcome back! <3

    1. You’re so welcome! And thank you! It was nice to see you back on TTT yesterday!
      P.S. Sorry it took so long to respond. Your comment got sent to spam. 🙁

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