WWW Wednesday: September 30, 2020

Welcome to WWW Wednesday!

WWW Wednesday is a meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. The purpose is to share what I’ve reading lately. The three W’s stand for:

What did you recently finish reading?
What are you currently reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Recently Read

This week I devoted time to some library books that I had to read and an ARC. I ended the week with a buddy read with Kayla. It was a good reading week.

The Story Guy (Lakefield Novellas)
an ARC of Overdue
Kiss My Cupcake
Brady Remington Landed Me in Jail
Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #8)
The Enemy (What Happened in Charleston, #2)

Currently Reading

I’m reading Rifts & Refrains (Hush Note, #2).

Reading Next

My plan is to read an ARC of Muses & Melodies (Hush Note, #3).

This is kind of a side note, but I’m thinking I might take a break from WWW Wednesdays for a bit. I’ve been doing it religiously since I started my blog, and I think I need a break. It might not last long. We’ll see. I’ll still be looking for your posts.

What are you reading? Make sure to leave me your link below so I can check out your post. πŸ™‚

29 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: September 30, 2020”

    1. It’s the second book in a series. The first is The Match. I think they would be ones you would enjoy when you’re looking for a lighter read.

    1. I did! The Enemy is so much fun! I think you would like that one. Yes, I think I might do it more sporadically at some point. We’ll see…

  1. I need to read the Helena Hunting book, and just saw The Enemy and it looks GOOD!!! Enjoye them all!! I have 8 audiobooks form the library, and I’m running out of time – lol.

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

  2. I really enjoyed Rifts & Refrains. Not quite as much as Lies & Lullabies but I still loved Quinn and Graham’s story. I didn’t get an arc for the third book so I’ll have to wait for that one.

    1. Really? It was the opposite for me. I liked it more. I feel the third book is the best. I just finished it last night and I’m still thinking about it.

    1. The Hush Note series is really good. Each book is better than the last. I would recommend it.

  3. That cover for The Enemy is super cute! 😍 I’m looking forward to continuing the Hush Note series! I was not a fan of Quinn in book one but I got curious after reading the excerpt from book two at the end. Hope you’re enjoying it and happy reading!

  4. I’m jealous of how many books you are able to read. My brain is a blob these days and I’m struggling to get through one book! Anyways, some of these look so much fun. How was the Helena Hunting. And I’m going to pick up a Sarah Adams book soon! I’m glad you had a good week.

    1. I’m not getting my PhD, though. I really liked Hunting’s book. It was on the cuter side of things. I’m so excited for you to read The Match! I hope you love it!

  5. Kiss My Cupcake is one that I have been eyeing up for quite some time! I hope that you enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to going to the library some day soon again. I miss that overdue book feeling! lol

    1. I did! It’s a fun one. You would most likely like it. My library is now doing curbside pick up. I haven’t done it for books, but it’s nice it’s available.

    1. Yeah, too many. I got a little burnt out on romance. I’m actually reading a thriller now. LOL

        1. Yeah, a YA book has to be either super cute or very well written for me to want to read it these days. I did like picking up that thriller. I need to take breaks and add more in more often.

          1. I haven’t read Sager before. I have Emily Martin and Emma Lord’s ARCs on my NG shelf, but I can’t get myself in the right mindset to pick them up. I need to just do it.

    1. Thanks. I’m sure I’ll get back to them sooner than later. Just wanted a little break of keeping up with them.

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