Mini Review: Together Apart Anthology

Together Apart
Author: Erin A. Craig, Auriane Desombre, Erin Hahn, Bill Konigsberg, Rachael Lippincott, Brittney Morris, Sajni Patel, Natasha Preston, Jennifer Yen
Publication Date: October 20, 2020
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
Note: This review is for an ARC and is my unbiased opinion.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★


A collection of original contemporary love stories set during life in lockdown by some of today’s most popular YA authors.

Erin Craig “delivers” on a story about a new girl in town and the cute pizza delivery boy, Auriane Desombre captures our hearts with teens communicating through window signs, and Bill Konigsberg takes us along on daily walks with every step bringing us closer to love. There’s flirting and romance from Rachael Lippincott, a tale of a determined girl with a mask-making business from Erin Hahn, and a music-inspired love connection from Sajni Patel. Brittney Morris turns enemies to lovers with the help of a balcony herb garden, Jennifer Yen writes an unconventional romance that starts outside a hospital, and Natasha Preston’s teens discover each other–and their love story–in a storybook oak tree.

Romantic, realistic, sweet and uplifting, TOGETHER, APART is a collection of finding love in unexpected places during an unprecedented time . . . each with the one thing we all want: a guaranteed happy ending.

I don’t know that I was necessarily ready to read anything set in the age of COVID-19 yet, but these meet cute novellas were more fun than I was expecting. They were short but sweet stories of high schoolers meeting during this strange time. Like I said, they’re meet cutes, so not really an entire romance. I liked them all, but Erin Hahn’s Masked was my favorite. I’ve become a fan of Erin Hahn’s writing this year and I adored this meet cute. I would have loved to read an entire book about Gray and Jude.

21 thoughts on “Mini Review: Together Apart Anthology”

  1. This sounds cute! I’ve been interested to see what authors will do with the pandemic in stories and to see how many will feature it and how many will pretend it hasn’t happen to distract from the reality. I might pick this one up! Great mini reviews! 🙂 xxx

  2. I saw this one on NG and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to read something Covid related either. It does sound like a really fun book. I will have to reconsider this one after reading your thoughts on it. 😉

    1. I agree. They’re not always my favorite, but it is a good way to try out authors. I would highly recommend that Erin Hahn book on your kindle — whichever one it is!

    1. I do have to admit it was frustrating to have the meet cutes and then nothing on the ones I really wanted more of.

  3. This does sound cute, even though I’m not ready for pandemic-related reading, either. I suppose it’s inevitable, though; I think we’ll see a lot of romances, mysteries, thrillers, and novels set during the COVID era over the next several years.

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