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I was tagged for the Anti-TBR Book Tag by the lovely Beatrice @ Confessions of a Pinay Bookaholic. She enjoyed watching videos with Anti-TBR tag because by creator Nicole and Her Books  and felt inspired by it. It’s a fun tag, so I hope you will enjoy reading this.

A Popular Book Everyone Loves That You Have No Interest In Reading

Throne of Glass is one of those books that everyone seems to love and I feel like I should read, but just don’t have any desire to do so.

A Classic Book (or Author) You Don’t Have An Interest In Reading

Rebecca is a book that has been recommended to me for years. I should probably read it, but can’t bring myself to do so.  I don’t really read classics.

An Author Whose Books You Have No Interest In Reading

Tomi Adeyemi. Beatrice had this one, too. I just can’t after she tried to accuse Nora Roberts. Nora freaking Roberts. C’mon, man.

A Problematic Author Whose Books You Have No Interest in Reading

Jamie McGuire has said some HORRIBLE things on social media. I won’t give her my money or time.

An author you have read a couple of books from & have decided their books are not for you

Marie Force. It’s not that her books aren’t good. I just can’t do them anymore. I read so many. They all started feeling like character catch ups rather than new character stories, so I had to let go.

A genre you have no interest in OR a genre you tried to get into & couldn’t

Fantasy and Science Fiction. All the world building and info dumping is just too much for me.

A book you have bought but will never read

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. I am not prepared to be sucked into such a long series. It overwhelms me just thinking about it. But I guess I shouldn’t say never…

A series you have no interest in reading OR a series you started & have dnf’d

I read the first three Brayshaw books by Meagan Brandy. At first, I was interested to know where this angsty, drama-filled series was going. That third book took things so far past crazy town that I just can’t read the next two books in the series. I don’t care what happens to Captain or Royce. I’m done with drama for drama.

A new release you have no interest in reading

The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling. For several reasons.

I am just going to go ahead and tag anyone who wants to do this one. Sorry, I’m feeling lazy.

37 thoughts on “Anti-TBR Book Tag”

  1. I do agree with you on Marie Force I got bored… also with Tomi Adeyemi. I had already read Jamie McQuire before all that drama went down and it’s sad because it was good writing 😬 Still sad you won’t come over to the dark side and move fantasy lol 😂 This was a fun tag to do though 😀

  2. Uh oh. I had no idea Jamie McGuire was a problematic author. I have that book on my shelf. Thankfully, I got it used on paperbackswap! And I used to say the same thing about Oulander. Now I’m a huge fan. 😉

    1. She has said some very racist things on social media.
      That’s a good thing to know about Outlander!

  3. I love the ToG books, and it’s surprising, as I read so few fantasy books. I started Outlander, because I loved the show, but the dialect was so tedious. I just couldn’t

  4. My mother has tried to get me to read Rebecca for years but I have zero interest. Ugh, the thing with Adeyemi going after Nora Roberts… yeah, no time for her. That spoke volumes about her (lack of) character. Many years ago I was *obsessed* with the Outlander series. I think it’s been about 20 years since I read the first book and I just fell headfirst into it. Now I’m at least two books behind and don’t know if I’ll go back to it.

    1. Did you see the whole “Debra” thing with Nora Roberts this week? That blew my mind, too.
      I don’t blame you with Outlander. That’s a long time between reads and trying to remember what’s going on would be hard.

  5. This is a fun tag! I hated Throne of Glass and never finished the series. I did read another series by that author that I liked better, but still didn’t love as much as everyone else seemed to. I also finally tried Rebecca a couple months ago and could not get into it at all. I’ve read enough spoilers on it now that I probably won’t ever try it again. I also decided not to read that book by the author that accused Nora Roberts of copying her (I mean, really? How full of yourself do you have to be to think such an established, popular author in a whole other genre than you would try to be copying your success?). And did I actually read an NA book that you haven’t? Beautiful Disaster got a whole 2 stars from me haha. I haven’t heard anything about that author being horrible on social media. What kind of stuff was she saying?

    1. Then I will for sure skip Rebecca.
      You read Beautiful Disaster?!?! I need to go read your review, especially since it was 2 stars. She says some very racist things and attacks people with swearing and hard words. It’s not very pretty how she has dealt with any criticism.

      1. I think I read it before I started writing reviews, so it’s just a star rating. I don’t remember there being anything racist in the book, but I read it a long time ago, so I’m not sure. Based on her writing, though, I’m not super surprised that she’s not a great person…

        1. I just don’t like messy love triangles, so that’s why I never picked it up. Then, recently, I read some of the stuff she wrote on social media and made it a point not to.

  6. Love this tag and some good book choices. I always find it hardest to admit I don’t want to read books evveryone loves but I agree Jamie Mcguire is one author I don’t have time to read and Sarah J Maas is more of a guitly pleasure than anything else.

    1. Thank you! I think as I get older, I just realize I don’t want to waste my time reading books that I don’t want to read. LOL So easy, yet so hard to admit.

  7. This really is a fun tag. I agree with you on pretty much everything you said, except for Throne of Glass. I was gifted the set a couple of years ago and will probably read it some day.

    1. Thank you! Well, I guess I should never say never. I would read them if I was gifted them or could get them on audio from my library just to see what they were about. 😉

  8. OMG I didn’t know Jamie Mcguire until this post. I have just Googled her and I am in shock. What a hateful, racist POS. I have never read any of her books but yeah, never will. Such a great post, Deanna!

  9. So much fun!! I have missed quite a few things that have happened on book social media and now I am curious to look up some of these authors. I will probably be adding a few to my anti-tbr as well. 😉

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