WWW Wednesday: January 6, 2020

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2021… It’s finally here. Now what?


Once or twice a year I go through my Kindle and reevaluate whether I want to read the books on there. I try to get rid of anything I know I won’t ever read. On the last page of my Kindle library was Dearest Clementine (Dearest, #1) by Lex Martin. Since I didn’t have any pressing ARCs, I decided to read it. I think my goal this year is going to be getting some of those older books off my Kindle TBR by reading them.


Here’s me getting sucked into a series binge because I loved the first book in it. Luckily, my library had Finding Dandelion (Dearest, #2) available to borrow after I finished Dearest Clementine.


I will most likely finish up the Dearest series with Kissing Madeline.

25 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: January 6, 2020”

  1. I have been trying to read through all of the books on my kindle, too. I think I’m down to just 2 left. In all fairness, though, I haven’t had this kindle that long. My last kindle probably had hundreds of unread books. I’m trying to prevent that from happening this go around. Glad you ended up loving the book!

    1. Wow! That’s amazing. I have deleted a bunch I know I won’t read, but still have a ton of unread.

      1. Don’t give me too much credit. I probably have over 1000 unread kindle books, they just aren’t downloaded onto my kindle at the moment. LOL!

        1. Well, I had the same thing like 2 years ago. I spent days going through them. Now I got it down that far. It was a relief.

  2. Yes, definitely finish the series, instead of leaving it and then forgetting what the previous books were like when you do read it. I do that all the time. I hope you enjoy it, Deanna.

  3. I have quite a few books sitting on my Kindle and on Audible that I should really get to as well. You have inspired me to take a look at what I have missed. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the series!

    1. It took me a lot of time to go through them (not going to lie) because I spent like two evenings doing it when I did it a couple of years ago. This time, I just spent an hour or so. I like to look them up on GR if I don’t remember what they are and look to see if my friends reviewed them and how they rated, etc. Helps me make decisions on whether to dump or not. I’m down to 124 and could probably dump some more. I just have a hard time letting them go!

      1. I know the feeling! I’m always afraid I’ll get rid of something that is wonderful. I’ve been trying to still use my Nook instead of my Kindle for a lot of the random freebies I download so my Kindle doesn’t become so messy.

        1. I feel like that at times, but some I haven’t read in 5 years. In those cases, I have to ask myself if I ever think I’ll read it. Plus, looking at reviews really helped.

    1. YES! That’s what I did. A couple years ago, I went through and did a giant clean up. I’ve tried to go back at least yearly and look at the ones still there to see if I can get rid of more. I still have 124 books that are unread. I told myself I’m going to try to read at least 12 of them this year. And I’m going to go back through them again half way through the year and maybe toss out more.

    1. It’s actually refreshing, but took me time. I had to look up several books on GR to see what they even were!

    1. It ended up being more fun than I expected. I thought I had gotten rid of most of them years ago, but I guess I hadn’t.

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